New Vinyl Plotter

NEW WinPCSIGN PRO 14 Vinyl Cutting Plotter Software + Rhinestone SPECIAL BUNDLE

NEW WinPCSIGN PRO 14 Vinyl Cutting Plotter Software + Rhinestone SPECIAL BUNDLE

NEW WinPCSIGN PRO 14 Vinyl Cutting Plotter Software + Rhinestone SPECIAL BUNDLE   NEW WinPCSIGN PRO 14 Vinyl Cutting Plotter Software + Rhinestone SPECIAL BUNDLE

Includes The Latest WinPCSIGN PRO'14 Software. Plus GRS 2018 Logos Bundle. NOW WINDOWS 10, 8, 7, XP COMPATIBLE. WINDOWS 10, 8, 7, XP COMPATIBLE. WHAT'S NEW IN WinPCSIGN PRO'14 VERSION.

Car, boat, motor & rv design. WinPCSIGN PRO 2014 - NEW Features.

Contour cut using ARMs for GCC & SAGA cutters. This exclusive function is useful to weed big designs. Cuts design in panels with easy overlap. Quick and useful cutting panels. Cut by colors, add wedding, rotate etc...

Minimiseroll and unroll of the vinyl sheet to avoid slipping and distortion. Cutter always starts a new path with proper blade orientation to avoid twisting the substrate to prevent damage & waste. Prevents'unstick' of sharp corners Prevents ripping of your substrate at the corner & sharp angled cuts.

FEATURES LIST (more than any other competing software's basic, starter or lite version software). Composer rhinestones pattern (Repeat, inverse, center etc). Resize rhinestone drawing or text. Distribute spacing between two stones. Copy selected stone (left, right, up, down).

Fix stone intersection (enter distance). Make rhinestone pattern with selected object. Convert circle with new pattern.

Convert stone to other shapes. Erase small surface interactive (Vectorization). Auto vectorization mode for Arabic & Indian fonts. Convert an color image into a rhinestone pattern. Rhinestones: Color selection by color rhinestones. Rhinestones: Color selection by size. Rhinestones: Color selection by size + color. Rhinestones: Fit Stones on any shapes. Rhinestones: Island fill (Full or Partial). Import SVG & PDF (vector file).

New tools to cut Foam (chaining). Simulation of blade trajectory on the path.

Magic Ruler (real images measurement). Customer folder (jobs, notes, etc). Elimination of edges path angle.

Measurements of objects (auto calculation of lengths, surface). Automatic Black & White vectorization. Design center, Outlines, Shadows, Perspectives & Rotations 3D. Draw a segment with a given angle.

Creation and correction of font. Accelerated impression of the image. Easy to Use Measuring Tool. Automatic Color Separation for Cutting. Complete Text & Graphic Layout. Uses your TrueType Fonts installed on your computer (Auto Font Import). Import / Export EPS, DXE, AI, SVG etc. Easy node and path Edit.

500 Logos ready to cut and print. Cut shape with a straight segment. Cropping image with rectangle, circle, oval & text. Distortions, Outline, Contour with welding, Shadow, Gradient.

Draw arrows, stars, polygons, ellipses, circles, rectangles. Cutters drivers installed more than 500.

Rhinestone calculator cost, time, garment... Blank t-shirt size and color. Cost and time calculator, garment..

Cutting contour using ARMS (GCC, SAGA). Auto-Backup of your current job. Save your Personalize Toolbar setup.

Unicode Paste Chinese, Russian, Arabic and symbols. Enlarge and reduction images processing. Merge any selection with an images. Softening of image contours (Soft touch function). Correction of image imperfection (Touch up function).

Separation of an image in color plans (cmyk, cmy, rgb, black). Cropping image by personal path and text. Cut & Print all TrueType and Adobe fonts. Cutting by colors and objects. Edition and special effects on images noise, emboss, etc.

Convert vector object to image. Change resolution and color of images (bits, dithering, etc). Import / Export Bmp, Jpg, Tiff, Eps, Pcx, Wmf, Wpc, Vip. Import vectorized files Eps, Ai, Dxf, Prn, Plt.

Wpc, Vip, Svg, Pdf etc. Dimension-lines (see and print measurements).

Separate text in characters, word, line and outline. Simple interface to write any text on path and circle. Lock and unlock selected object. THE LATEST WinPCSIGN PRO'14 VS PRO'12. Rhinestone color + size selection.

Fit rhinestone following a shape. Fill rhinestone island Full or Partial.

Change any object to circles. Export rhinestone PLT file (Crystal & GemMaster machine). Preview and Import SVG files. Piercing embroidery & Scissor Lattice embroidery. Pen size from color palette.

Perfect match & Font Finder. Intelligent search of your logos.

Logos ready to cut and print. 5000 Plus 144,00 in the GRS 2014 BUNDLE. Italic and Rotation in visual mode.

Multiply copies: circulars, lines, etc.. Cropping image with rectangle, circle, oval.

Edit and draw nodes of beziers, segments, arcs. Contour Cut (add contour around a picture). Cutting contour using Crop mark register.

Contour cutting using ARMS (GCC, SAGA). Choices of 5 cutting and printer register marks.

Verification of alignment of the cutters. Zoom details in the cutting panel. Edition and special effects on the images noise, emboss, etc...

Convert object to image (BMP/JPG). Hange resolution and color of the image bits, dithering, etc... Import vectorials files Eps, Ai, Dxf, Prn, Plt, Wpc, Vip, etc.. Customer folder jobs, notes, etc...

Lines guides simple and magnetic. WYSIWYG pasting & text layout. Cut, Copy and Paste text, object and image. Access to all True Type fonts on your computer. Access to all Top quality MAX fonts.

Engraving options, Filled, and Fonts. Separate text in characters, word, line and outlines. Creation and edition of template (business card, label). Real size of construction point selection zone. Print catalog of group of logos.

Different types the brushes Lines, squared, etc... Create and see images for web html, Jpg, Bmp, etc... Creation of circles with separated arcs. Elimination of edges path angless.

Erase small details of vectorization results. Automatic clean up of vectorizing path.

Design center: Outlines, Shadows, Perspectives & 3D Rotations. Creation and correction of fonts. Shadow with transparent (gray and colors). Lock line guide on the screen. HERE'S WHAT YOU GET IN THE BOX?

One WinPCSIGN PRO'14 PROGRAM DVD (Latest Software Version), plus 1 USB dongle key. 1 Software Training DVD with 20+ Videos, 1 Online to View or Print Manual / Electronic Manual (e-help type manual). Plus one GRS 144,000 Corporate Logos DVD.

THIS IS THE LATEST VERSION WinPCSIGN PRO'14 SOFTWARE PACKAGE. THIS IS NOT AN INCOMPLETE UPGRADE VERSION. NEWEST WinPCSIGN PRO'14 + RHINESTONE! INCLUDES 144,00 LOGOS BUNDLE FROM GRS. DISAPPOINTED WITH YOUR SIGN MAKING SOFTWARE? UPGRADE YOUR EXISTING SIGN MAKING SOFTWARE. TO THE #1 BEST VALUE & BEST PERFORMING SOFTWARE! THIS IS A COMPLETE FULL FEATURED SOFTWARE VERSION! Plus GRS PRO Bundle Exclusives! WINDOWS 10, 8, 7, XP COMPATIBLE, 32 & 64 BIT VERSIONS. Compatible with 600+ Plotter Cutters. The Most Comprehensive Sign Making Software Ever! #1 Sign Making Software with the easiest to use Design & Cutting Tools! WinPC-SIGN is compatible with WINDOWS 10, 8, 7, XP & VISTA - 32 & 64 BIT VERSIONS. Included in this package: WinPCSIGN PRO'14 FULL version software DVD, 1 USB Dongle Key, 1 software. Training DVD with 20+ Videos, Online to View or Print Manual, Html ehelp.. Plus 144,000 logos and more! WHAT ARE THE EXPERTS SAYING ABOUT THIS SOFTWARE.. Signs of the Times Magazine. "The best sign making software created especially for sign makers". Save time & increase productivity with the powerful Cutting Control Panel.

Automatic detection of duplicated paths (Don't scrap your material because you send duplicate paths to your plotter). (Automatically cleans up the intersections of each path). Cut by color and object selection (Easy color separations when cutting out multi-color jobs). Contour Cut plus Registration Mark functions.

Apply a vector contour around your image then send it to the cutter. You can also combine it with the'Crop Mark' function! Convert your images for cutting, easily!

Highest quality image tracing & scanning to vectors! WinPCSIGN Vectorization technology (Convert to vector file ready to cut). CAN YOUR SOFTWARE DO THIS.

IT IS TO COLOR VECTORIZE! Automatic logo sorting & classification. See them in the Clipart viewer. Create groups of logos or files and then visualize them from the'Clipart Screen. Automatic cutting preparation - See EXACTLY what you're going to cut!

The WYSICUT (What You See Is Cut) function allows you to convert and preparing logos before sending to your cutting plotter, cutting down on costly mistakes! See EXACTLY onscreen what you are about to cut! Easy Outline, Distortion, Perspective, Texture, Shadow, Gradient & 3d Rotation.

These features and more are included on WinPCSIGN Pro and are very easy to create! Here's a few examples.. Find and identify fonts automatically! SAVE TIME with the'Font Finder' function. This feature is a font identification tool. With a database of 7,000+ fonts it's easy to scan a business card or any text image and find the correct font! SuperWEED' tool saves time and frustration..

Small or complex shapes and text WEED much easier & faster using the Super Weed function! WinPC-SIGN offers MANY image tools, like. EFFECTS, Distortions, Bitmap Borders, Cropping & M.

MERGE PHOTO'S AND DRAWINGS. Merge your drawings or images to your pictures! Your customers can see a preview of the design before it's cut out! Or lay out your designs on any photo image...

Such as a picture of the customers Storefront, Vehicle or on any other object! See your complete design ON the actual object substrate BEFORE you cut it out! Get more, and faster customer approvals for your designs! Show your customers EXACTLY how your design will look before cutting it out.

Make changes in the box (computer) before cutting and having the customer want changes or additions! You'd pay hundreds of Dollars just for this feature alone with other programs or for'add-ons' &'upgrades'! Convert and optimize the size of your image for the web publishing. It's quick and easy to do with WinPCSIGN PRO'14! 3D Effects and Image Distortions...

It's easy to do with WinPCSIGN PRO. You can apply these special effects automatically to your pictures: Spheres, Waves, Emboss, Punch.

Ripple, Bending, Cylindrical, Wind, Polar, Zoom Wave, Radial Wave, Swirl, Wave Shear & more. ALSO INCLUDED IN THIS BUNDLE. The most complete and easiest Sign Making & Rhinestone software. What else can you do with WinPCSIGN Pro'14 software? This sale comes with the Best Sign-making software including: 1 WinPCSIGN PRO'14 Version Rhinestone software program on DVD, 1 USB security dongle key.

1 Training DVD with 20+ Videos, 1 Online to View or Print Manual / electronic'help' manual. Plus our exclusive GRS 2018 Logos Bundle with 144,000 Corporate Logos on DVD. WITH THE GRS WinPCSIGN PRO'14 & RHINESTONE BUNDLE SOFTWARE...

Reate whatever design you want! You don't need any other software like CorelDRAW, Adobe, etc. You don't need any costly extra software Plug-in's! Our software does NOT require any. Create your own Rhinestones patterns.

Is an amazing tool to personalize your design with real stones. WinPCSIGN Rhinestone software comes with easy-to-use functions that will automatically fill a shape with rhinestones. Select the desired stone size and then control the spacing & placement between each stone. WinPCSIGN also allows you to distribute the rhinestones on a path or on text, so you can apply it practically to everything... From t-shirts, handbags, cell phones to glasses, signs, jeans and more!

Send your patterns to the cutter or export PLT to a Rhinestones machine. Excellent for the standard cutting machine. You only need a 60 degree blade, sticky flock and transfer film. If you have an Ioline Crystal or a GemMaster machine, you only need to export your rhinestone template to them in PLT file. Maximize the production of your Plotter Cutter.

OVER 600+ CUTTER DRIVERS INCLUDED. The most complete and easiest Sign Making & Rhinestone tools. Piercing, Embroidery and Scissor tools. Import PDF , AI, EPS files.

Convert logos to Rhinestone patterns. Apply any shape to a path. Automatic fill stone to your selection.

Save time and increase your productivity. Cut by color and object selection. Cut bigger than your cutter size. Sort cutting object, Select weeding.

Convert your image for Cutting, Printing or for Rhinestones. Logo ready to send to the cutter. Paste an image to WinPCSIGN from any web site, then convert it to vector. WinPCSIGN offer 3 vectorization function. You can also enlarge the image to enhance the vectorization result.

Send your logo to the cutter then apply the stone and tranfers it. Other Included Features In T his GRS Special WinPCSIGN PRO Bundle.. Comparative chart of WinPCSIGN Basic & Pro versions. Cutters drivers installed (more than). Choice of 5 cutting and printer register marks.

Edition and special effects on the images noise, emboss, etc. Change resolution and color of the image (bits, dithering, etc). Import vectorials files Eps, Ai, Dxf, Prn, Plt. Top quality MAX Typeface Fonts. Print catalogue of group of logos. Different types de brushes (Lines, squared etc). Create and see images for web (html, Jpg, Bmp, etc). Elimination of edges path angles. Measurements of objects auto calculation of lengths, surface.

Design center; Outlines, Shadows, Perspectives et Rotations 3D. CD-Rom with extra max fonts (see above max typeface fonts - 10,000 included). INCLUDED IN THIS SOFTWARE BUNDLE.

60,000 Corporate Logos on DVD! Included in this Special GRS Software bundled package. Free access to Exclusive WindowsPC-SIGN Membership web site!

ONLINE REGISTRATION & EXCLUSIVE MEMBERSHIP. Tech Support, Program Tips, Updates, Fonts, Logos & more..

More than 600+ Plotter Cutter Drivers Included! Included Training Cd-Rom, On DVD Manual, Html help from software and Training video directly from our web site.

HERE'S WHAT'S IN THE BOX? This special sale comes with the Best Sign Making software & includes: Onn WinPCSIGN PRO'14 S oftware DVD, 1 USB dongle key, 1 Training DVD with 20+ Videos, 1 Printed Guide. Also included is the Special Visual Dictionary Bundle: One 10,000 fonts CD-Rom, plus one 144,000 Logos DVD. WINDOWS 10, 8, 7, XP & VISTA COMPATIBLE, 32 & 64 BIT VERSIONS. THESE SPECIALLY PRICED SOFTWARE PACKAGES ARE IN LIMITED SUPPLY! Exclusive DVD Training Videos to learn how to use your cutter & WinPCSIGN. 24/7 Web & Forum Access. INCLUDED DVD TRAINING EXAMPLES BELOW.

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NEW WinPCSIGN PRO 14 Vinyl Cutting Plotter Software + Rhinestone SPECIAL BUNDLE   NEW WinPCSIGN PRO 14 Vinyl Cutting Plotter Software + Rhinestone SPECIAL BUNDLE